About Me

Jason Acosta
Social Worker | Educator | Facilitator

I am a proud native of the South Bronx and a product of New York City public schools. Having spent 18 years in foster care, I spent my childhood and adolescent years exploring identity, guided by the question, “who am I?” as I was forced to move around and transfer to different school systems. Throughout my journey, I encountered many systemic barriers that altered my life, including police brutality, educational inequity, and foster care.
As a result, I pursued a path to social work and spent the early part of my career exploring, unpacking, and learning about the many complexities of identity and intersectionality in an effort to better understand the systemic challenges and trauma that impact communities of color.

Social workers were doing this work way before DEI became popular

I define myself as a macro social worker – a social worker that works with organizations and communities on a macro level to assess systemic trauma, thinking about the ways in which organizations at large perpetuate inequity, create hostile environments, and further marginalize people of color and oppressed groups. We look at the root of the issues and try to create positive macro-level change using a grassroots approach for organizations and community.

For this, we do deep research, including about the people who are impacted most, understanding the assets of a community or organization have.

Utilizing a systemic lens, I continue to serve the community and impact urban education by advocating for systemic change

I currently hold a Bachelors of Science from Marist College and a Master of Social Work from Fordham University.

My leadership experience includes serving on several educational boards, facilitating at national conferences, and working with several organizations and school districts to address systemic inequity.

My work is an extension of my story.

My clients receive an authentic experience that draws from my own lived experience. I live and breathe equity work because it is what makes me who I am today.

I’m proud to serve on the Board of Directors at New Settlement

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3 Steps to work with me


We connect to analyze your goals

We will connect on a 30-minute phone call to discuss your high-level goals.


I develop a curriculum tailored to your company or organization's needs.

Center company or organization’s needs as it relates to inequities, and develop content and resources to address inequities.


I work with you to implement strategy.

After participating in professional development or adopting curriculum, I will work with you and your team to implement next steps.

What they are saying

This new curriculum is the new Black Panther Party focused on education and economic empowerment.

MBK/Thrive Chicago Steering Committee

This workshop was extremely powerful and challenged advisors to consider their role in activating their own activism.

NYU College Advising Corps

The curriculum content flow is incredible. This is the foundation for the educational revolution we have all been dreaming of and working towards.

MBK/Thrive Chicago Steering Committee

Contact me to collaborate and work towards dismantling dominant culture today!