Live from The Bronx Podcast: Just kickin it w/Sis (Audio)

Posted by Jason Acosta

On July 2, 2021
Kick off your shoes and relax your feet Live From The Bronx, and Sis, Listen to This podcast is in these streets. We know how to get deep on a variety of serious topics, but sometimes we just want to have fun. On this episode we do just that when we sit down with our homegirls from Sis, Listen to This Podcast. They are a whole vibe! We discuss everyone’s plans now that the streets are open, dating this summer, and what it means to have a “hot girl” summer. This a dope episode! Also, make sure to check out their show; they have some good stuff happening over there!

About Live From the Bronx podcast with your hosts Jason Acosta & Kevin Brooks

Live From the Bronx is a podcast co-hosted by two proud Bronx natives who are creating a platform to celebrate Bronx artists, educators, entrepreneurs, and change makers. Come travel the streets of the BX with Jay and KB

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