For school districts

Create curriculum that encourages students, teachers and non-profit staff to interrogate their identity, unpack dominant culture, and feel free to show up as who they are, without fear of repercussion.

Many of us enter school spaces and organizations that are mission-driven by serving the community, but seldom do we consider cultural relevance and identity in our approach to addressing community and student needs.

Educators need to be sure about their own identity, about who they really are.

Because as I always say, “If you don’t know who you are, you will not know the young people who you teach.”

Let’s develop curriculum that centers students’ identities, reconnects them to their ancestors, and encourages them to recreate their own narrative.

You want your students to feel affirmed in who they are

You want them to feel empowered to create change

You want them to receive an educational experience that highlights their brilliance and encourages a path to discovering their own liberation

Let’s work together!

Let’s collaborate to address dominant culture, reclaim our identities, and become change agents in our communities. By unpacking and understanding who we are and where we come from, we can start moving towards liberation and community healing.

I’m Jason Acosta

I am a social worker, facilitator and equity practitioner who believes in the power of healing. I strive to shift organizational culture in an effort to develop equitable and inclusive spaces for marginalized communities across companies, organizations, and educational institutions.

My purpose is to inspire systemic change by centering identity and healing as the foundation of transformation. My work is deeply personal to me: Having spent 18 years in foster care, I was confronted with many systemic barriers, including police brutality and educational inequity, as well as with the question of my own identity.

As a result, I pursued a path to social work and spent the early part of my career exploring, unpacking, and learning about the many complexities of identity and intersectionality in an effort to better understand the systemic challenges and trauma that impact communities of color.

As a proud native of the South Bronx, I am also a true advocate for educational reform.

Examples of my work

This is a selection of some amazing workshops I have developed for clients

Workshop Facilitation Topics

  • Nurturing Resilience for Youth in Foster Care
  • Equity, Social Justice and Youth Empowerment
  • Healing through Hip Hop
  • The Impact of Trauma in Urban Education

What they are saying

This new curriculum is the new Black Panther Party focused on education and economic empowerment.

MBK/Thrive Chicago Steering Committee

This workshop was extremely powerful and challenged advisors to consider their role in activating their own activism.

NYU College Advising Corps

The curriculum content flow is incredible. This is the foundation for the educational revolution we have all been dreaming of and working towards.

MBK/Thrive Chicago Steering Committee

Contact me to collaborate and work towards dismantling dominant culture today!